Part three Expanse

Research point : Albrecht Dürer landscapes about northern Renaissance world are pretty fascinating. I personally like the one watercolor painting  the most  is ” view of Arco “. The sandy foreground is and olive grove and a vineyard . Beyond the vineyard , to the right lies the walled town of Arco whose fortifications snake up the steep hillside to the twelfth- century castle .View of arco is a very carefully arranged composition created at the expense of a certain degree of topographical truth the narrow section of sheer rock face on the far left of the composition could not have been seen from the spot where the view was painted , Durer also omitted the mountains behind the fortified hill to increase the drama of the settling . The painting’s delicate colors = greens , brown and grew – make it one of the artists most successful watercolors .

One of the curiosities of View of Arco is the hidden image of a scowling man which can be seen on the left side of the hill . Running almost the entire height of the cliffs , the profiles off the man’s face looks leftwards and his pointed nose is particularly prominent .The rocks  which compose his face are slightly lighter in tone that the surrounding cliffs, emphasizing the shape , Although initially it may be difficult to spot the hidden face , once seen it to unmistakable.

Ritu’s Analysis : I still could not figure out the hidden image of the scowling man ,It is pretty challenging and off course this is  quiet a challenging  job for a  painter to create a piece of art, which is beautiful and mysterious. Most importantly I like the monotonous color choices which gives this painting some edgy feel. The overall view point of the painting  is quite interesting as its got a distance view point I can feel the narrow section of sheer rock face on the far left of the composition could not have been seen from the spot where the view was painted .

img_9173 The following


Part three Expanse

Exercise 2 Study of a towns cape using line.

This particular drawing is the preliminary drawing of the study , i have mainly focus on the shapes of the windows and doors of the building and also the roof ,The weather was sunny and bright yet failed to demonstrated that as i have given a black and white theme to it . I have used pencil , charcoal pencil, ink and ball pen to finish the drawings .


Part three Expanse

Exercise 1 Sketchbook of townscape drawings. 

Here are some examples of the towns cape drawings in different medium and different forms i want to demonstrate the versatility of the techniques and view point by all this drawings .

Image 1 : Old industrial building in my local town as the view point was very distance it was quite challenging to draw just the building itself because it was quite a crowded with lorries and cranes.Weather itself didn’t give any justice to this painting  there was no natural lights neither proper position to locate myself .I have not given more then 20 minutes to the painting and it started to rain so i have to take a photograph and pack up .Therefore  finishing was made with the pen outlines and the ink  details in this painting was done by photograph .

Image 2 :  This particular drawing is an Old church and i took this photograph because i find it very interesting and unusual. The unusual about this building its due to the bright natural light and the cold winter weather after the rain is perfect to demonstrate the various colors and tones to the building. I have used water color medium and also try to achieve a different techniques of blending the various color to create a natural tones of the building and the trees .This is one satisfactory result of my experience to choose watercolor medium.

Image 3: This particular drawing is my local village were i go for long run . It is absolutely stunning village quite and lonely. Here i have taken an angular perspective of the view point yet again perfect natural day light .I have failed to achieve a lighter and brighter tones to this drawing .I  realize pencil color would work perfectly OK for this type of the drawing .

Part three Expanse

Project 5 Towns capes 

Research point

John Virtue

His paintings have affinities with oriental brush-painting and American abstract expressionism but above all, they relate closely to the great English landscape painters, Turner and Constable, whom Virtue admires enormously. He also refers constantly to the Dutch and Flemish landscapes of Ruisdael, Koninck and Rubens.

Virtue works from the landscape of where he happens to be living. Immediately before he moved to London, he had been living in South Devon, using the landscape of the Exe estuary as his subject.

He works solely in black and white. All of his paintings are executed on canvas, using white acrylic paint, black ink and shellac.

His work was displayed in the exhibition ‘John Virtue: London Paintings’ which ran from 9 March – 5 June 2005.

Ritu Analysis: John virtue paint of the sea is one distinctive piece of art which intrigue me most the texture the details and the flow of paint its just amazing . Although i can see He has only used monotones color the detail is just too mysterious to achieve,and the technique seems too mysterious to imitate .

Part three Expanse

Aerial or atmospheric perspective 

Exercise 3 Aerial or atmospheric perspective

Here below are some example of the Aerial  or atmospheric perspective

Image 1 : In this particular drawing i have use water colors and its a night city scene after the heavy rain i have given a sky an aerial and atmospheric perspective  view i have given a tonal  gradation  detail to the billow apart for the the sky the angular perspective scene of the city is not very satisfactory yet again not using the proper tools .

Image 2 : I have drawn an Old church  with a watercolor medium  the overall drawing of this particular image i am trying to achieve an aerial and atmospheric perspective giving them the near and distance view with the lighter and darker tones and also the natural light travelling from the left and the shadow fall right half way of the church building .

Image 3 : This last image is a kennel which is a still life yet drawn as quick  as possible with the oil pastels and the pen, tried to achieve an atmospheric perspective but not a satisfactory result due to its medium and the lack of time .Only good work i have done in this drawing is i have given little bit of detail on the water so it will give a distance and nearer view of the drawing.

Part three Expanse

Exercise 2 Angular perspective

In this particular drawing i have tried to achieve an Angular perspective of the drawings . I have draw this drawing in my eye level and and extend receding lines to it and try to meet the parallel lines in my eye level and the varnishing points are of my paper.This is a night street view so its not too busy even thought its a city scene . I rate this as kind of straightforward architectural drawings but yet not achieve the accuracy due to not using a ruler or any tools i have chosen a wrong medium  as oil pastels for this particular drawings due to that its not quite satisfactory .


Part three Expanse

Some of my preparatory drawing :

Image 1 is one of the drawing of a park chair which really intrigue me most as this image got a different view point its looking downwards as i was positioning upwards from the image and  the cherry blossom tree is just as amazing ,as it got the details were i can demonstrate various tone .

Image 2 a head of the black swan , yet again this is another example of the preparatory drawing i would consider to put in my final assignment or in larger scale . This interesting  feature of the swan and contrast and the color tones of the dramatic details of the swans head is just as fascinating and challenging work

Image 3. A gate near the barn is another good example of the different  technique . I have used  pencil color for a quick draw and pen to give them an edgy outline to the drawing . It is a very quick drawing  and the medium i have used work perfect for this painting.

Image 4. A Washing clip behind the back of my house is just another perfect example of another preparatory drawing . The detail work of the rain water on the clothing rope and the droplets of the rain is just another good challenging work ,which I want to implement in my other larger scale of work .I am quite happy with the result of the image 4 as i have use water color medium to achieve a good result in this drawing.

Exercise 1 Developing studies 

Project 4 Perspective

Exercise 1 Parallel perspective

In this particular still life  drawing .I  found a perfect example of parallel perspective drawing .Although its not the interior view of some building. I could demonstrate the perfect example of the parallel perspective I have fallowed the basic rule of perspective state that lines that are actually parallel will recede to a single vanishing point by using a ruler for the bridge i created and i have tried to meet the bridge end in my eye level .When working on this particular drawing the challenge was to achieve horizontal line across the drawing at my eye level . Lastly  i could  have have work better with the horizon if i have given a better tones .I think ruler was a quite a helpful medium to achieve the details .