Assignment :1


Assignment 1:

I have drawn a still life using this ornamental figurine of the elephant since its got good texture to explore in my paintings. It is also inspired by the Odion Redon “Two trees “as I have used sepia colors to give a new fresh look to the drawing. I have used various materials charcoal pencils, monotone charcoal pencils and blending brushes to create this drawing. This object was hit by natural lights of the window and the shadows, reflected lights and negative space is already exposed in the drawings. I have done a darker background to exposed the reflected light of the objects in the drawings. The negative impact I have found in this paintings is I wasn’t able to express all the texture I have learned in my previous exercises.


Odilon Redon -Two trees c 1975


Two trees , There has been lot of interpretation of the painting by various artist some said its spooky some said is mystical.

I feel In this Painting “two trees” Artist has demonstrate Atmosphere potential of tone in My point of views I can see artist have used this two trees as a object to created an interesting piece of art I can feel the light is coming from the right bottom traveling upwards which gives a feeling of the wet surface its also looks like the tree its self is not in the ground but in the wet surface of the water . He has used gradient of tones with charcoal  sticks to create a details of the branch and the trees , he have painted the background in darker shades as it giving a feelings of some mystery hidden behind.

It is very interesting that the block of light seen in the branch give a subtle smooth feel of the branch and also the left side of the tree seems quite old and dry  . How brilliantly artist has created the dry and were out tone for this left  tree and the detail of the tiny branch is as beautiful and interesting  as he have highlighted all the details and it defiantly felt this tree is quite old  .

Sepia background is the other interesting fact of the painting which gives the painting spookily and dangerous feels to the paintings .


Creating shadow using lines and marks

979F5B0C-33E7-4D41-A652-522AD7783A29Pic:1 I have drawn a pic of the plastic jar using a charcoal pencil and I have used a drawing pen to create a sharp lines and edges of the object.

Pic :2 its a glass container ,I have used graphic pen and a charcoal pencil to create a various tones and the sharp lines to define the shape and the weight of the object .

Pic:3 I have drawn a table here as I have done a sharp lines of shadows  with various amount of pressure and to stabilised the legs of the table I have created a sharp edge of the shadows underneath to show the weight of the table .

Pic:4 its a hard thick piece of rubber material this was quite tricky to draw because of the unusual surface of the object and the light was travelling just from right of the edge , I have used graphic drawing pen to created the shadows .

Shadows and reflected lights

7E57AF6C-86B5-4CA1-8CF8-A60C214094C1I have assembled this two object to create a pure onderstanding of Shadows ,reflected light and the negative space.Firstly ,I have used graphics pencils to mark the images then I used charcoal pencil to do shadows .I have used putty rubber to Create  the reflection of the light s to achieve the real image of the object.

As there is only two object assembled there is a negative space formed on top of the tea cups . I have created darker tones of shadows underneath the object to give the understated of the weight of the object .

Observing shadows using blocks of tone

D6084DC5-86C2-49B4-817D-6478A5B07A0AI have assembled a salt and pepper container and lit a light from the Cellings as the lights travel through the middle section of the object ,Shadow is form and there is various gradition of tones created as the background of the object had darker shadows due to the wall and no reach of natural light I have created darker gradition of tones ,I have tried all areas of tone in the entire page so the composition is match together.

Group of Objects

4BD6AA7D-83A2-4E40-8706-C624DA77B85DThis are some group of object I created first cylindrical object is a bottle of bio oil and its half empty and half full. I have displayed the square ,rectangle and the round images in various objects I have put together the weight of the round plastic box is quite transparent so the back image of the glasses box could be seen there is a space between the square box and the plastic round box.